Fraud case

Scam fraud case #1

Dear customers,


It has come to our attention that someone in china, which goes under the name Kevin LIU and kevin LAU QnUD , Is using our brand name without approval and is copying our products. The sad fact is that innocent people are getting scammed, who think they are buying legitimate products.


He is copying our products to sell in china. He has already been busted, and proof is below.

He has 2 accounts, and has only one paid order see below:

Account one with only one paid product


Account 2  with NON paid  orders.


See above non paid small orders (that he uses to modify via F12 button in google chrome)


Source :


See screenshot below his order number is 3102, he has edited this order via f12 button in google chrome or internet explorer. To edit and modify the values, in order to make people believe that he ordered allot.



  1. The above screenshot shows clearly that he edited that order number 3102 he made the quantity 21  instead of 2. and the price he increased too.
  2. Ask USPS about the tracking number, they will confirm the package weight is only around 0.2 KG and not 11 KG which which should be for 21 bottles.
  3. He placed many non paid orders, that he edits via F12, to make people believe he ordered allot.
  4. He does not provide payment proof such as  TX payment ID, or anything substantial that proofs his payment for all these orders (that are NOT PAID). (tx ID shows the bitcoin transaction) He can not fake this.. SO that is why he does not provide this..
  5. He Hides his order numbers, because these are direct proof to the actual real NON PAID orders. Only someone who has something to hide does this.
  6. He DOES NOT Respond to us  and not provide us any payment information or REAL PAID ORDER NUMBERS!!



We Have only sold 2 bottles this seller, that he used as a basis to copy our products, because He knows we do not sell to Chinese customers directly. Because ow local law issues, So he uses our brand name to copy the products. DO understand that we can not gurantee his quality!

Our advice if you purchased from this seller, Get your money back from visa or mastercard, The products are counterfeit.

Also report his advertisement, more and more people are getting scammed every day.



More info on how he edits his order numbers Via the F12  Developers tools button: