Payment instruction

Help! I can’t get my payment through!

Research chemical vendors are required to process credit card sales via offshore credit card processor.

Unfortunately, some customers can’t get their credit cards through. In this case please contact your bank to pre-authorize the payment.



Our offshore credit card processor takes VISA and MASTERCARD cards.

If you order with this method, there may be an additional 4%- 9% international transaction fee applied to your grand total.

Your total on your bank statement may not  exactly match your grand total at checkout.

After your transaction, you will receive 2 emails (an invoice & a payment confirmation) that will how your Anageninc charge will appear on your bank statement. 


  • Due to the foreign exchange rate, the amount displayed on your statement might be a little bit different from the shop price.
  • Please note that the description “1-720-4083781” Or “OYYKayswlet”  will be displayed on your credit card statement for your purchase on



We can accept Bitcoin and we encourage you to use this method.

Select Bitcoin at checkout, your discount will be applied and we will give you our Bitcoin adrdress.

For more information, please see –